Shelly Silver is a New York based artist producing work on video and film as well as photography. In her enigmatic narratives of contemporary identity, truth and fiction are constantly in doubt, the veracity of what is seen and what is not seen is questioned, and the modes by which information is disclosed, withheld and mediated hold meaning. Appropriating the structures and codes of television and cinema narratives, Silver relies on the viewer’s complicity -- the expectation of how media stories are "read," the desire to believe and identify with their conventions and characters. Blurring authenticity and artifice, Silver often merges stylized black-and-white film with colour video, fragmented images with written text and sound, elements of documentary and melodrama with comedy. She has been exhibited widely throughout the US, Europe and Asia at venues such as MoMA, The Yokohama Museum, The Pompidou Center, the London ICA, The London, Singapore, New York, Moscow and Berlin Film Festivals.

Shelly Silver, exceptional happenings, 2008 © the artist