In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Soviet Union and its satellite states fell apart: for millions of people, the political and socio-economic system suddenly twisted, together with their notions of identity, belief and history. Through personal stories, recorded testimonies and observations, Communism Afterthoughts underlines the complexity of people’s reactions to such ideological shift. From a nostalgic Kyrgyzstan, Xavier Christiaens shows the consequences of the communist regime for nomadic tribes. Nora Martorysian pays homage to the arrest of a political dissident in Armenia, while Anri Sala confronts his mother with her younger self and her communist ideals during the regime in Albania. Two years after the Reunification, Shelly Silver collects positions in the streets of Berlin, while Ken Kobland’s chronicle of public opinion in Moscow reveals the story told by the people’s faces.

Part I:
The Taste of Koumiz
Xavier Christiaens, 2003, 55’33”, b&w, Russian spoken, English subtitles and running text.
Nora Martirosyan, 2007, 44’08”, colour, English spoken and running text.

Part II:
Anri Sala, 1998, 26’12”, colour and b&w, Italian and French spoken, English subtitles.
Former East/Former West
Shelly Silver, 1994, 62’, colour, English and German spoken, English subtitles.
Moscow X
Ken Kobland, 1993, 56’55”, colour and b&w, English spoken and running text.

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