Shelly Silver - Former East/Former West
1994, 62’, German & English spoken, English subtitles.

The New York film-maker Shelly Silver (1957) did hundreds of interviews in the streets of Berlin two years after the reunification of Germany. For 45 years, people on opposite sides of the wall had led a life that was radically different not only in ideology but also in the nature of their everyday lives. What does this do to a person? A surprising, lively and on occasion confusing document.

Jayce Salloum - Untitled part 2: Beauty and the East
1999-2003, 50’, English spoken

The Lebanese civil war (1975-1990) is a central theme in the work of the Canadian-Lebanese Jayce Salloum (1958). Beauty and the East addresses issues of nationalism and the nation state, alienation, the refusal and construction of political identities, ethno-fascism, and so on. Salloum has been filming while leaving home in Vancouver, and arriving in and travelling around the former Yugoslavia shortly after the NATO bombing.

Former East / Former West, Shelly Silver, 1994Untitled part 2: Beauty and the East, Jayce Salloum 1999-2003