Van der Avoort, Boris

°1967 - Belgium
Boris Van der Avoort was born in Belgium in 1967. He studied photography at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre (1992) and at I.N.S.A.S (the Institut National des Arts du Spectacle), graduating in film editing in 1995. He has been showing his photographic work at individual and group exhibitions in Belgium and abroad since 1990 ...

Bucquoy, Jan

°1945 - Harelbeke (Belgium).
Jan Bucquoy (°1945, Harelbeke, Belgium) lives and works in Belgium. He studied Literature in Grenoble, Philosophy in Ghent, film directing in Brussels (INSAS) and Political Science in Strasbourg. His work - feature films, comic strips, theatre and literature - is mainly satirical in nature, with a slight touch of anarchism. ...

Moorman, Charlotte

°1933 - Little Rock, Arkansas (United States).
Madeline Charlotte Moorman Garside was an American cellist, performance artist, and advocate for avant-garde music. Referred to as the "Jeanne d'Arc of new music," she was the founder of the Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York and a frequent collaborator of Korean artist Nam June Paik. ...

Makengo, Nelson

°1990 - Lives and works in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Nelson Makengo has a degree from the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Kinshasa (2015) and has been trained at La Femis in Paris, France. Fundamentaly, Makengo is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker ...

Malcotti, Chloé

°1989 - France. Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).
Chloé Malcotti studied photography and video at HEAD in Geneva, the School of Visual art of New York and the Städelschule in Frankfurt. She currently lives and works in Brussels, focusing on visual art and cinema. ...

Vogel, François

°1971 - Meudon (France).
Francois Vogel was born and raised in Meudon, a Paris suburb. He began scientific studies while practicing drawing, painting and animation. After art studies, he travels to the pacific to do his military service as a drummer in New Caledonia ...

Villevoye, Roy

°1960 - Maastricht (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Amsterdam.
In his work Roy Villevoye explores issues around anthropological representation, the conventions of documentary filmmaking and the legacy of colonialism. Even though his videos, often realized in collaboration with Jan Dietvorst, are frequently considered documentaries, he distances himself explicitly from the genre, by freeing himself from a number of characteristic conventions. ...

Bitton, Simone

°1955 - Rabat (Morocco).
Simone Bitton was born in Morocco in 1955. She lived in Rabat and Jerusalem, and then in Paris, where she has been based since her studies at the French Institute for Cinema Studies (IDHEC). She holds both Israeli and French citizenship, and defines herself as an Arab Jew who likes neither walls nor borders. She has been making documentary films since 1981. ...

Franck, Stefan

°1965 - Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp.
Stefan Franck studied German Filology at the University of Antwerp, and Film & Video at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels (1987-89). He has worked as a member of staff and editor with several artistic and literary journals, and is still responsible for the websites of Belgian museums and institutes of education ...

Manzone, Stéphane

°1970 - Monaco
"Stéphane Manzone was born in Monaco and he lives in Brussels. After working as a script writer for film and TV, he now makes short and long fiction films, documentaries and experimental work. His work was shown, among others, at the Film festival in Milan, Festival International du Documentaire in Marseille and the Mediawave festival in Gyor (Hungary)." (argos festival 2005 catalogue) ...

Jerez, Maria

°1978 - Madrid (Spain).
Maria Jerez mainly works in: Europe She officially lives in: Madrid Her work travels in between: choreography, cinema and visual arts She is interested in: the unspeakable and the indifference She produces the works: “El Caso del Espectador” (2004), “This Side Up” (2006), “The Perfect Alibi” (2011-12), “ba-deedly-deedly-deedly-dum ba-boop-be-doop!” (2014), “Alma de Rímel & The Glammatics” (201 ...

De Kegel, Jan

°1979 - Ghent (Belgium). Lives and works in Lives in Deux-Acren.
Jan de Kegel studied, among others, at the Fine Arts Academy. He points to his direct surroundings as the major inspiration for his drawings, paintings and video work. Confusion and astonishment are recurrent themes in his oeuvre ...

Garcia Rubio, Pablo

°1963 - Pola de Laviana (Spain). Lives and works in Liège (Belgium).
Pablo Garcia Rubio graduated in Visual Arts (painting, decoration) from the Institut des Beaux-arts St-Luc de Liège, Belgium. In 1992, he was rewarded with the Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belge (Young Painters Award) at Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. Garcia Rubio is one of three founding members of the collective In Blood We Trust. ...

Coeckelberghs, Luc

°1953 - Meensel-Kiezegem/ Tielt-Winge (Belgium).

Silver, Shelly

°1957 - Brooklyn, New York (United States).
Shelly Silver (1957, New-York ) attended Cornell University, graduating in 1980 with a B.A. in Intellectual History, and a B.F.A. in Mixed Media and subsequently attended the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program ...

Dujourie, Lili

°1941 - Roeselare (Belgium).
Lili Dujourie (1941, Roeselare, Belgium) lives and works in Belgium. In her work, Dujourie plays with the sensuality and immediacy of materials, emphasizes the performative aspect of the artwork, investigates the relationship between nature and culture, and gives decorative and ornamental elements a central role ...

Heiremans, Ronny

°1962 - Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium). Lives in Brussels.
Heiremans' fascination for space, landscape and architecture is incorporated in his videos and installations, in which the notion of ‘displacement’ plays an important role. The collaborative work with his partner Katleen Vermeir examines the dynamic relation between art, architecture and economy, and its mediation in private and public spheres. ...

Albers, Beatrijs

°1959 - Leuven (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Albers' work questions the underlying structures of social reality and the way in which reality is codified. The artist conceives her many journeys as a literal activity and also a mental exploration into contents and disentanglement of interests with the aims of founding her art with objective and autobiographical elements. ...