La Commune (de Paris 1871), 1999 Peter Watkins © the artist & producers

Watkins, Peter

°1935 - Norbiton (United States). Lives and works in Lithuania.
Peter Watkins is one of the main pioneers of docudrama. Since the late 1950s he has been searching for strategies to overcome the passive and hierarchical relationship that cinema and television generally establish with their audience. Most of his films combine dramatic and documentary elements, and he often uses non-professional actors. ...

LeCompte, Elizabeth

°1944 - New Jersey (United States).
Elizabeth LeCompte is an American director of experimental theater, dance and media. A founding member of The Wooster Group, she has directed that ensemble since its emergence in the late 1970s. ...

François, Michel

°1956 - Sint-Truiden (Belgium). Lives in Brussels.
Michel François is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses all sorts of materials and methods, combining man-made and natural objects, and photographs as well as installations. His aim is to appeal to all the senses. François’ photographs and videos are about ‘living’, and how to give form to that ‘living’ ...

Van Waeyenberghe, Inneke

°1977 - Orange (France).
Inneke van Waeyenberghe works and lives in Brussels (Belgium). She studied Audiovisual Arts at the Saint-Lukas Hogeschool (from 1995-1999) in Brussels. She works as a filmeditor and productioncöordinator (multimedia and audiovisual arts) and participated in several projects of Sarah Vanagt, Dora García, Eleni Kamma, a.o. ...

Van Es, Hubert

°1937 - Antwerp (Belgium).
Hubert Van Es is the pseudonym for Flor Bex. Under this name, the former director of the Antwerp ICC and founder of the M HKA, the museum for contemporary Art in Antwerp, created several videoworks in the 1970', among which "Experiments for auto-communication", which is part of the Argoscollection. Bex was director of the Muhka until 2002. ...

Liénard, Bénédicte

°1965 - Mons (Belgium).
The films of Liénard show a strong social commitment towards the least visible, the most vulnerable layers of the population, in a style which fluctuates between the intimate and the political. ...

Scholten, Peter

°1954 - Enschede (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Rotterdam.
Peter Scholten is a freelance documentary and programme maker. He was educated at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and at RITS School of Arts in Brussels. He is programmer and policy contributor for Cinema Enschede and works as a lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy. ...

Visser, Barbara

°1966 - Haarlem (The Netherlands).
In the majority of projects, executed in photography, film, print, text or performance, Barbara Visser has been occupied with the uncertain relationship between registration and dramatization, plays with notions of original and copy, and questions the way history and memory are being shaped by both the individual and society ...

Raverdy, Messaline

°1986 - Seclin (FR), Lives and works in Brussels.
She lives and works in Brussels. After studies in philosophy, literature and visual arts in Paris and Brussels, Messaline plays with different materials of images, video, 16mm, super8… This movie is her first "achieved" project. ...

Coeckelberghs, Luc

°1953 - Meensel-Kiezegem/ Tielt-Winge (Belgium).

Geenen, Pieter

°1979 - Hasselt (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Pieter Geenen’s work consists of audiovisual impressions of physical space, in relation to time and duration. The landscapes, public spaces and fragments of ordinary life he films, seem to represent space, but only as a reference, a mere abstraction. Geenen searches for patterns and structures: human presence becomes small and anonymous ...

Adepoju, Aisha

°1995 - Mönchengladbach (Germany). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aisha Adepoju studies documentary film at the RITCS in Brussels, where she has lived for several years now, after growing up in the province of West Flanders. She is fascinated by social theme’s. Images from her daily life, photography and illustrations are an important source of inspiration. Adepoju doesn’t necessarily project her ideas on the screen ...

Corner, Philip

°1933 - The Bronx, New York (United States). Lives and works in Italy.
(b. 10 April 1933, The Bronx, New York, New York). American composer, now resident in Italy, of interdisciplinary works that have been performed throughout the world; he is also active as a performer, visual artist and writer. Mr ...

Noël, Cédric

°1978 - Argenteuil (France).
Cédric Noël is a visual artist interested in the nature of images, and more specifically in the mental processes involved in the production and the reception of an image ...

Dinçel, Nazli

°1989 - Ankara (Turkey). Currently lives and works in the United States.
Nazli Dinçel’s hand-made work reflects on experiences of disruption. She records the body in context with arousal, immigration, dislocation and desire with the film object: its texture, color and the tractable emulsion of the 16mm material. Her use of text as image, language and sound imitates the failure of memory and her own displacement within a western society ...

Voignier, Marie

°1974 - Ris-Orangis (France). Lives and works in Paris.
Marie Voignier’s work is constantly seeking to explore the intertwinement of imaginary and factual elements in reality itself ...

Gaillard, Frédéric

°1970 - Dinant (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels and Chimay.
"Frédéric Gaillard studied at the ERG (École de recherche Graphique) in Brussels and is active as a sculptor and designer of objects and installations. In his work mechanical elements take up an important place and he investigates natural phenomenon with irony. His videos often have a simple set-up; he makes use of a fixed camera point and a white background ...

Vanhee, Sarah

°1980 - Oostende (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Sarah Vanhee lives and works in Brussels. Her artistic practice is linked to performance, visual arts and literature, and unfolds in vairous environments. She creates temporary, porous, yet clearly defined spaces, in which she analyzes existing realities and confront those with an absurd, utopistic or poetic proposal ...