Cash, Robert

°1961 - Delft (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Antwerp.
Within Robert Cash’s work, which consists of paintings, films, texts and photos, he seems to be holding an intimate conversation with himself. However, this intimacy is staged. He records his feelings right in front of our eyes and moulds the image of Robert Cash the artist, both colourful and darkly humorous at the same time, both openly romantic and intensely fragile. ...
The Roof, James Nares, 1975. Courtesy the Artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

Nares, James

°1953 - London (UK). Lives and works in New York.
Painter, no wave-musician, performer and filmmaker James Nares was born in London and moved to New York in 1973 where he lives and works. His early video and performance experiments with gestures and objects from the mid 1970s, executed on the rooftop of his Downtown studio, have a particular consistency and elegance. ...

Krüger, Peter

°1970 - Ghent (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Peter Krüger is working as an independent writer/director and producer. As a writer/director he has been making documentaries, fiction as well as music-theatre productions. In his work, he often investigates the borders between fiction and documentary. His last film 'Antwerp Central' won the Grand Prize at the International Festival of Films on Art in Montréal (Canada) ...

Ducat, François

°1963 - Saint-Etienne (France). Lives and works in Brussels.
François Ducat studied at the art academy of Saint-Etienne in France and the INSAS in Brussels, where he was active as a director and producer – among others for AJC! in Brussels. He makes documentaries as well as fiction and also devotes himself to various multimedia projects, among them a CD-ROM project which is connected with improvised music: ‘Kew Rhône’ ...

Raad, Walid

°1967 - Chbanieh (Lebanon).
Walid Raad is an artist and a Professor of Art in (the still-charging-tuition) The Cooper Union (New York, USA). Raad’s works include The Atlas Group, a fifteen-year project between 1989 and 2004 about the contemporary history of Lebanon, and the ongoing projects Scratching on Things I Could Disavow and Sweet Talk: Commissions (Beirut) ...

Courtois, Pierre

°1950 - La Roche en Ardenne (Belgium).
Pierre Courtois is a multifaceted Belgian artist, whose areas of expertise include painting, sculpture, video art, and installations known as ‘Land Art’, where his creations are put in a landscape, indoors or outdoors, in an attempt to create a dialogue. His workshop is in the old Ferme de Cochaute, where he also offers lodgings and organises concerts. ...

Dekegel, Olivier

Olivier Dekegel (1970, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He studied cinema at INSAS Brussels. He worked for several years as assistant, dramatist, light and sound designer for different modern dance and theatre companies. All his films are made on Super 8 or 16mm, and always oscillate between documentary and experimental approach. ...

Bellinkx, Ruben

°1975 - Wilrijk (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Ruben Bellinkx, born in Wilrijk, Belgium and is an artist, adventurer and storyteller. His film, photo works and video installations depict a fantastic world of perverse games directed by the artist. Through these complex and beautifully filmed images, Bellinkx establishes an ambiguous relationship between man-made objects and animals ...

Rosell Albear, Lazara

°1971 - Ciudad Habana (Cuba).
Lazara Rosell Albear (°1971, Ciudad Habana, Cuba) is a Cuban-Belgian artist dedicated to the research, performance and production of cross- media projects, events and films. She is a drummer, dancer/performer, extended voice performer, visual artist, filmmaker and poet ...

Mik, Aernout

°1960 - Groningen (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Amsterdam

Vromman, Jan

°1958 - Wingene (Belgium).
The media used by the socially-focused artist Jan Vromman includes both video documentaries as well as text, theatre, fiction films and, more recently, multimedia projects. The choices of Vromman are not defined by the primary amazement of all that is exotic, but by his own experience and the things he is familiar with. ...

Theys, Koen

°1963 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Koen Theys studied at the St. Lucas Academy in Brussels. Throughout his practice as a video artist he develops a language that consists in adding emotional, intuitive or intellectual connotations to elementary images, which are continuously combined in different ways so that a narrative structure arises. ...

Rombout, Rob

°1953 - Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Rob Rombout is an independent documentary film-maker, teacher and lecturer. He co-founded the International DocNomads Master Program and is now course director for DN at LUCA, Brussels.Most of his films were co-produced and / or shown on international television channels and awarded in several festivals ...

Gaillet, Jaad

°1990 - Paris (France). Lives and works in France.
Videomaker and Film Director ...

Van den Broeck, Hans

°1964 - Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
Hans Van den Broeck serves as artistic director of performance group SOIT (Stay Only If Temporary) and is co-founder of Les Ballets C de la B. He has created and toured internationally with several pieces such as "Everyman", "Eat, Eat, Eat", "La Sortie" or "Lac des Singes" ...

Bohnenberger, Stefan

°1959 - Munich (Germany). Lives and works in Brussels.
epic (malhame), Julia Meltzer & David Thorne, 2008 © the artists & producer

Meltzer, Julia

°1968 - Hollywood, California (USA). Lives in Los Angeles.
Julia Meltzer her work takes up subjects ranging from the bureaucracy of secrecy to contemporary politics in the Middle East. She frequently collaborates with Los Angeles based artist David Thorne to produce installations, photographs, and videos that raise questions about the uses of documents and their social, political, and affective impact. ...