Nys, Sophie

°1974 - Belgium
Sophie Nys lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She studied visual arts at Sint-Lukas in Gent and obtained her postgraduate degree from the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Nys’ videos are equally impulsive as disarming observations and self-portraits ...

Paesmans, Dirk

°1965 - Brussels (Belgium).
Dirk Paesmans studied plastic arts together with Koen Theys at St. Lukas in Brussels, and sculpting at the Academy in Ghent. In 1981, only just about getting on twenty, they began to make videos together under the name of V-side. Their first work Radar (1981) was, as they put it, "a flood of images we caught on our sensory radar" ...

Baes, Pascal

°1959 - Nice (France). Lives and works in Brussels.

Pascal Baes experiments with the use of the stop-motion technique and specializes in image-by-image animation. He has also produced a range of "dance films". where dancing itself is released from its limitations, which are inherent to the stage, and recorded as a paradoxical experience. Thematically, as well as philosophically, he refers to the cinematic avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. ...

Avdal, Heine

°1970 - Norway. Lives and works in Oslo and Brussels.
Dancer and choreographer Heine R. Avdal's work revolves mainly around questions of space and its perception, information processing and replication. In his and his company's deepblue performances all elements - video, sound, light, performers, audience - are treated equally as a whole. ...

Peeters, Sam

°1986 - Leuven (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Sam Peeters is a Belgian and British national. He studied medicine for three years before turning to film, his true passion. In 2017, he graduated as a director from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Film and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels, Belgium ...

Coeckelberghs, Luc

°1953 - Meensel-Kiezegem/ Tielt-Winge (Belgium).

Deridder, Jean-Paul

°1963 - Brussels (Belgium).

Duke, Emily Vey

°1972 - Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).
Cooper Battersby (b. 1971, Penticton British Columbia, Canada) and Emily Vey Duke (b. 1972, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) have been working collaboratively since 1994. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. ...

Dinçel, Nazli

°1989 - Ankara (Turkey). Currently lives and works in the United States.
Nazli Dinçel’s hand-made work reflects on experiences of disruption. She records the body in context with arousal, immigration, dislocation and desire with the film object: its texture, color and the tractable emulsion of the 16mm material. Her use of text as image, language and sound imitates the failure of memory and her own displacement within a western society ...

Heidsieck, Bernard

°1928 - Paris (France).
Bernard Heidsieck, a multimedia poet, finds his origins in action poetry and is one of the cofounders of sound poetry together with Henri Chopin, when, in 1959, they started to use recorders and microphones not simply as reproductive tools but as transformative mixing devices. Heidsieck published his first book of poems in 1955 and shortly afterwards he started his first recording experiences ...

Cash, Robert

°1961 - Delft (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Antwerp.
Within Robert Cash’s work, which consists of paintings, films, texts and photos, he seems to be holding an intimate conversation with himself. However, this intimacy is staged. He records his feelings right in front of our eyes and moulds the image of Robert Cash the artist, both colourful and darkly humorous at the same time, both openly romantic and intensely fragile. ...

Hänzel & Gretzel

°1966 - Nancy (France).
Hänzel & Gretzel was the pseudonym of Daniel Mangeon, video artist, author, maker of music videos, television director and image dresser of all sorts, who died in 2000 of AIDS at the age of 34. Throughout his broad oeuvre the recurring themes are a passion for transgressive pop music and an interest in the absurd ...

Corner, Philip

°1933 - The Bronx, New York (United States). Lives and works in Italy.
(b. 10 April 1933, The Bronx, New York, New York). American composer, now resident in Italy, of interdisciplinary works that have been performed throughout the world; he is also active as a performer, visual artist and writer. Mr ...

De Volder, Geoffroy

°1964 - Brussels (Belgium).
De Volder started his studies in painting at La Cambre in 1985. The teachers who influenced his style most were Pasternak, Guy Bauclair and Jacques Sojcher. Initially he wanted to become a graphic designer, and create sleeves for music records, but due to bad grades and after visiting an exhibition of Giacometti he switched to painting instead ...

Goryainova, Ira A.

°1984 - Moscow (Russia). Lives and works in Belgium.
Ira A. Goryainova graduated in 2016 as a documentary director from the Brussels' Royal Institute for Theater, Cinema & Sound and received greatest honor for her thesis. Goryainova plays with the expectations of viewers as she often crosses the borders between fiction and non­fiction. Her personal visual and narrative style is dark and often influenced by underground art movements and film ...

el Salem, Mouaad

Since 2017, Mouaad el Salem is director, producer, cameraperson, soundperson, editor, activist and lead character(s) of the debut film 'This day won’t last’. Mouaad lives and dreams in Tunisia and Europe. ...
Aubier & Patar, UFO's boven Geel, 1999. © the artists

Aubier, Stéphane

°1964 - Verviers (Belgium).
"Stéphane Aubier studied together with Vincent Patar visual arts at La Cambre, where they had previously been engaged in animation sequences, and they spent some time in Disney animation-training in the US ...

Villevoye, Roy

°1960 - Maastricht (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Amsterdam.
In his work Roy Villevoye explores issues around anthropological representation, the conventions of documentary filmmaking and the legacy of colonialism. Even though his videos, often realized in collaboration with Jan Dietvorst, are frequently considered documentaries, he distances himself explicitly from the genre, by freeing himself from a number of characteristic conventions. ...