Albers, Beatrijs

°1959 - Leuven (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Albers' work questions the underlying structures of social reality and the way in which reality is codified. The artist conceives her many journeys as a literal activity and also a mental exploration into contents and disentanglement of interests with the aims of founding her art with objective and autobiographical elements. ...

Battersby, Cooper

°1971 - Penticton, British Columbia (Canada).
Cooper Battersby (b. 1971, Penticton British Columbia, Canada) and Emily Vey Duke (b. 1972, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) have been working collaboratively since 1994. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. ...

Vanhee, Sarah

°1980 - Oostende (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Sarah Vanhee lives and works in Brussels. Her artistic practice is linked to performance, visual arts and literature, and unfolds in vairous environments. She creates temporary, porous, yet clearly defined spaces, in which she analyzes existing realities and confront those with an absurd, utopistic or poetic proposal ...

Raad, Walid

°1967 - Chbanieh (Lebanon).
Walid Raad is an artist and a Professor of Art in (the still-charging-tuition) The Cooper Union (New York, USA). Raad’s works include The Atlas Group, a fifteen-year project between 1989 and 2004 about the contemporary history of Lebanon, and the ongoing projects Scratching on Things I Could Disavow and Sweet Talk: Commissions (Beirut) ...

Bonnemaison, Michel

°1923 - Paris (France).
Michel Bonnemaison referred to himself as a ‘professional European’. His work touched on such diverse subjects as cinema, media rhetoric, overland and sea trade and transport, travel overseas and, at a later stage, he was increasingly interested in theology. ...

Garabedian, Mekhitar

°1977 - Aleppo (Syria). Lives and works in Ghent (Belgium).
Mekhitar Garabedian was born into the Armenian diaspora, and his works explore some of the difficulties involved in articulating his identity. Having migrated from Lebanon to Belgium as a young child, his videos and installations illustrate the fragility and endurance of both individual and collective identities, as well as the enduring impact of the Armenian genocide ...

Baillif, Olga

°1969 - Genève (Switserland).
Olga Baillif was born in Genève and she lives and works in Brussels, where she studied at the INSAS. Baillif’s work is predominantly documentary and it’s been shown, among others, at the Festival International du Film Francophone (Namur), Cinéma Tout Ecran (Genève), Arte and TéléBruxelles. (Argos festival 2004 catalogue) ...

Hill, Gary

°1951 - Santa Monica, California (United States).
Gary Hill has worked with a broad range of media – including sculpture, sound, video, installation and performance – since the early 1970s. His longtime work with intermedia continues to explore an array of issues ranging from the physicality of language, synesthesia and perceptual conundrums to ontological space and viewer interactivity ...

Romus, André

°1928 - Liège (Belgium).
Inventur / Invocation. I have calculated ... , 2008, Ralo Mayer © the artist

Mayer, Ralo

°1976 - Eisenstadt (Austria). Lives and works in Vienna.
Ralo Mayer’s cross-media work derives its form from a process-oriented mode of artistic knowledge-generation. This artist’s main motifs include the investigation of narrative structures, the study of miniature universes and the interweaving of fiction and reality. ...

Leroy, Anick

°1952 - Brussels (Belgium).
"Annik Leroy studied architecture and visual arts at La Cambre in Brussels and she is a professor at ERG (Ecole de recherche graphique) and Sint-Lukas (Brussels). Apart from documentaries and films she is also involved in photography. Her style is poetic, her films are often in B/W ...

Dierckx, Isabelle

"Isabelle Dierickx lives and works in Brussels. She studied film at the ELICIT/ULB in Brussels and drama at the Liege Conservatory. She spent long periods in the U.S., Burkina Faso, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica and especially the Canaries, where she based the larger part of her documentary work and research ...

Weiss, Effi

°1971 - Ramat-Gan (Israel). Lives and works in Brussels.
Effi Weiss and Amir Borenstein are an artist duo who works together since 1999. Visual artist, their work shifts between different disciplines such as video, performance and partcipatory projects. Apart from their own artistic projects, they collaborate with other artists as editors, cameramen and effects designers. They facilitate video workshops worldwide, destinated to diverse audiences. ...

Oki, Dan

°1965 - Zadar (Croatia).
Slobodan Jokić, artist name Dan Oki. Filmmaker and visual artist, professor of film and electronic arts at the University of Split and Zagreb. Belonging to the generation of artists who in 1990s in Amsterdam worked with film and photography, made cinematographic databases and interactive video. Made four independent feature films: Oxygen4, The Performance, The Dark and The Farewell ...

Heremans, Sandra

°1989 - Rwanda
Sandra Heremans is art historian and filmmaker. She received a MA in Art History in Social and Cultural Anthropology. In her Master theses, she focused on the power and representation of the symbol in the art theory of Aby Warburg. Heremans later discovered experimental film and made her first short The Yellow Mazda and His Holiness (2018). ...

Visser, Barbara

°1966 - Haarlem (The Netherlands).
In the majority of projects, executed in photography, film, print, text or performance, Barbara Visser has been occupied with the uncertain relationship between registration and dramatization, plays with notions of original and copy, and questions the way history and memory are being shaped by both the individual and society ...

Blondeel, Michèle

°1945 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Rosee.
Video artist, designer of video installations. Realized in 1983 'La dame du Lac-Lettres' a tape of a young girl on her way epistolary life and stay at the Lac Leman in Switzerland recounts. Works together with Boris Lehman. ...