Braeckman, Dirk

°1958 - Eeklo (Belgium). Lives and works in Ghent.
Dirk Braeckman studied photography and film at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (KASK) in Ghent from 1977 until 1981. From 1998-2002, he was involved as lecturer at the Nationaal Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten (HISK) in Antwerp and in 2009 he started as guest lecturer at KASK Ghent. Braeckman started his artistic career as a photographer of portraits and self-portraits ...

Benari, Yasmina

°1979 - Paris (France).
Yasmina Benari's work is focused on memories, both individual and collective, as well as identity, migration, and the notion of political uprising. While her main focus is documentary, her creative space is located on the border between reality and imagination. She treats photographic and animated images as a volume she sculpts, disturbs, and mixes to shape into various forms ...

Barry, Orla

°1969 - Wexford, (Ireland). Lives in Brussels and Wexford.
The strongly poetic and lyrical work of Orla Barry crosses a wide variety of media whilst evoking undercurrents of emotion and drawing on Irish disciplines of poetry and song. An interest in language stands central to her work; via frequently associative techniques she researches the semantics of her mother tongue and it’s cultural imbedding and implications. ...

Bennett, Justin

°1964 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire (United Kingdom).
Justin Bennett’s work covers a wide range of genres, from (audio-)visual arts to music. Central to his thinking and work are a process-orientated approach and an interest in the elasticity of the concept of ‘space’. Bennett produces (reworked) field recordings, drawings, performances, installations, photographs, videos and essays ...

Boccara, Tom

°1990 - Brussels (Belgium).
Tom Boccara was born on 22 February 1990 in Brussels (Belgium). While following a traditional school curriculum, he actually spent most of his time at the circus school in Brussels, where he developed a passion for the art of the clown, acrobatics and juggling. He had always loved cinema and at the age of 18 he entered the Institut des Art de Diffusion, where he started studying direction ...

Bitton, Simone

°1955 - Rabat (Morocco).
Simone Bitton was born in Morocco in 1955. She lived in Rabat and Jerusalem, and then in Paris, where she has been based since her studies at the French Institute for Cinema Studies (IDHEC). She holds both Israeli and French citizenship, and defines herself as an Arab Jew who likes neither walls nor borders. She has been making documentary films since 1981. ...

Brehmer, Andreas

°1965 - Ludwigshafen/Rhein (Germany). Lives in Karlsruhe.
Andreas Brehmer (1965, Ludwigshafen/Rhein, Germany) lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. He studied photography, video and multimedia at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent and design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe. Brehmer concentrates himself in his output on the particularities of his medium and his work material ...

Benoot, Sofie

°1985 - Bruges (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Documentary filmmaker Sofie Benoot is currently working on Blue Meridian, the second part of a trilogy on "american water" that started with fronterismo (2007) her graduation film project. In her films, she revisits the history and the stories of abandoned and forgotten places which are important to the united states' foundations and mythology. ...

Bianconi, Loredana

°1954 - Haine Saint-Paul (Belgium).
After her studies in applied art, Loredana Bianconi studied philosophy and literature at the University of Bologna and the Theatre school in that same city. Since she has collaborated on television broadcasts for the Italian RAI 3, working predominantly on documentary productions, which won her several awards (Video Réalité, Brussels, Prix Audiovisuel du documentaire 1998, Scam) ...

Brosens, Peter

°1962 - Leuven (Belgium).
Since 1993, Peter Brosens (°1962) has built an impressive track record as an independent director and producer of high-profile creative documentaries. Upon graduating in both Urban Geography and Cultural Anthropology, Peter worked as an expert in migration and urban development in Ecuador. During his M.A ...

Boeckx, Peter

After a couple of Bachelor years at university Peter Boeckx spent his student days at the RITS in Brussels, where he graduated as a TV- and radio director. After a short spell with Flemish television he discovered the RTBF-programme Strip-Tease ...

Bellinkx, Ruben

°1975 - Wilrijk (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Ruben Bellinkx, born in Wilrijk, Belgium and is an artist, adventurer and storyteller. His film, photo works and video installations depict a fantastic world of perverse games directed by the artist. Through these complex and beautifully filmed images, Bellinkx establishes an ambiguous relationship between man-made objects and animals ...

Benisheva, Stefka

°1988 - Bulgaria.
Stefka Benisheva is interested in objects, mechanical explanations and hypothetical stories. Montage in the broad sense where a pipe and wheel mean sentiment or a skin disease and the stories - funny or not but always sincere, search for the cracks where life appears more beautiful than real. ...

Bernatchez, Patrick

°1972 - Montreal (Canada).
Born in 1972, Patrick Bernatchez lives and works in Montréal. He was the Québec finalist for the 2010 Sobey Art Award. His work has been featured in a number of solo exhibitions, at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2010); Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris (2009 and 2012); West, Netherlands (2009 and 2012); and Galerie de l’UQAM, Montréal (2011). ...

Becker, Konrad

°1959 - Vienna (Austria).
A polymath involved in numerous interdisciplinary fields of study and endeavour. Konrad Becker is fascinated by mathematical structures, electronic art and culture and the way the cultural and social implications of technology affect information societies. His work as a sound artist and composer is mostly known for his pioneering achievements in electronic music under the name Monoton. ...

Bernardet, Thomas

°1975 - Fréjus (France).
Thomas Bernardet studied photography and video art at the Beaux-arts in Toulouse and Marseille, and as an exchange student at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. His work addresses the conditions in which an image, whether still or moving, is captured and shown. The presence of abstraction in documentary images is also a recurring theme. ...

Bernier, Pascal

°1960 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Pascal Bernier lives and works in Brussels. He soon broke out of the narrow-minded views imposed on him during his visual arts studies and went on a search for his own visual language, characterized by a flagrant dose of humor, recalcitrance and ’rock’n’roll’ ...

Blondeel, Michèle

°1945 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Rosee.
Video artist, designer of video installations. Realized in 1983 'La dame du Lac-Lettres' a tape of a young girl on her way epistolary life and stay at the Lac Leman in Switzerland recounts. Works together with Boris Lehman. ...

Burki, Marie José

°1961 - (Switzerland)
"Marie José Burki was born in Switzerland and she lives and works in Brussels. She studied literature in Genève, where she also frequented the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Visuel. Her work mainly consists of video installations, often working with several projections in a single space, entering into a relationship or a dialogue with each other ...

Baes, Pascal

°1959 - Nice (France). Lives and works in Brussels.

Pascal Baes experiments with the use of the stop-motion technique and specializes in image-by-image animation. He has also produced a range of "dance films". where dancing itself is released from its limitations, which are inherent to the stage, and recorded as a paradoxical experience. Thematically, as well as philosophically, he refers to the cinematic avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. ...

Bohnenberger, Stefan

°1959 - Munich (Germany). Lives and works in Brussels.

Beaubois, Franck

°1967 - France
"Franck Beaubois is French by origin, but for a considerable period time he lives in Brussels. He followed a training in plastic arts in Caen and Avignon, where he became part of the collective Faits Divers and he collaborated on a number of interactive installations and public performances. Then he devoted himself to dance studies, mainly focused on improvisation ...

Bultheel, Jan

°1959 - Veurne (Belgium).

Baillif, Olga

°1969 - Genève (Switserland).
Olga Baillif was born in Genève and she lives and works in Brussels, where she studied at the INSAS. Baillif’s work is predominantly documentary and it’s been shown, among others, at the Festival International du Film Francophone (Namur), Cinéma Tout Ecran (Genève), Arte and TéléBruxelles. (Argos festival 2004 catalogue) ...

Bijl, Guillaume

°1946 - Antwerp (Belgium).
Guillaume Bijl's work is about questionning the ordinary, the social reality and what supposedly separates it from “art”. Taking everyday, common elements and placing them in an unsual context, he forces the spectator to rethink his relation to reality. ...

Battersby, Cooper

°1971 - Penticton, British Columbia (Canada).
Cooper Battersby (b. 1971, Penticton British Columbia, Canada) and Emily Vey Duke (b. 1972, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) have been working collaboratively since 1994. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. ...

Bigot, Gary

°1949 - Beerse (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
The thermo-hygrographe, a device which we find still sometimes in certain museums to record and make readable the temperature and the humidity of the air, are considered 'oeuvre d'art' to Gary Bigot. Since 1985 that he decided that all the thermo-hygrographes, were his intellectual property, since this brilliant idea the artist produces nothing more, he takes advantage of the life. ...

Borenstein, Amir

°1969 - Haifa (Israel). Lives and works in Brussels.
Amir Borenstein and Effi Weiss are an artist duo who works together since 1999. Visual artist, their work shifts between different disciplines such as video, performance and partcipatory projects. Apart from their own artistic projects, they collaborate with other artists as editors, cameramen and effects designers. They facilitate video workshops worldwide, destinated to diverse audiences. ...

Bergman, Marta

°1962 - Bucharest (Romania). Lives and works in Brussels.
Bergman draws her main inspiration from the stories of her native region in Romania. Her portraits of the people of the Roma community – gipsy musicians, women in search of a western husband or her own grandmother for example – might be considered as classic documentaries, although there are always fictitious notes to be found. ...

Bünger, Erik

°1976 - Växjo (Sweden). Lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.
Erik Bünger is an artist, writer and composer, whose work investigates the relationship between language and concepts such as 'voice', 'body', 'image' and 'nature'. In lecture performances, videos, texts and musical compositions he explores how such concepts, by referring to something mute and unspeakable beyond the reach of language, be­come central voids around which our reality is built up ...

Bonnemaison, Michel

°1923 - Paris (France).
Michel Bonnemaison referred to himself as a ‘professional European’. His work touched on such diverse subjects as cinema, media rhetoric, overland and sea trade and transport, travel overseas and, at a later stage, he was increasingly interested in theology. ...

Bucquoy, Jan

°1945 - Harelbeke (Belgium).
Jan Bucquoy (°1945, Harelbeke, Belgium) lives and works in Belgium. He studied Literature in Grenoble, Philosophy in Ghent, film directing in Brussels (INSAS) and Political Science in Strasbourg. His work - feature films, comic strips, theatre and literature - is mainly satirical in nature, with a slight touch of anarchism. ...

Behrman, David

°1937 - Salzburg (Austria).
David Behrman has been active as a composer and artist since the 1960s. Over the years he has made sound and multimedia installations for gallery spaces as well as compositions for performance in concerts. My Dear Siegfried, Leapday Night, On the Other Ocean, Interspecies Smalltalk and Long Throw are among Behrman's works for soloists and small ensembles ...

Biemann, Ursula

°1955 - Zürich (Switzerland).
Ursula Biemann is an artist, author, and video essayist. Her artistic practice is strongly research oriented and involves fieldwork in remote locations from Greenland to Amazonia, where she investigates climate change and the ecologies of oil, ice, forests and water ...

Beyens, Bert

°1956 - Geel (Belgium).
Bert Beyens (°1956) is a Belgian filmmaker, known for Jan Cox A Painter's Odyssey (written and directed with Pierre De Clercq, Belgium The Netherlands 1988), and A la Rencontre de Marcel Hanoun (France 1994). He teaches writing and directing at RITCS School of Arts Erasmus University College since 1994 and was the head of the school from 2001 until 2013 (three 4-year mandates) ...

Bruhin, Anton

°1949 - Lachen (Switserland).

Buchet, Jean-Marie

°1938 - Jemappes (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Jean-Marie Buchet lives and works in Brussels, where he studied at La Cambre. He wrote and produced his first film in 1961 and built out an extensive body of work, consisting mainly of fiction films with a slight fantastic and surreal side. At the same time he works with other filmmakers, such as Boris Lehman, Roland Lethem and Patrick Van Antwerpen ...

Blume, Félix

°1984 - Narbonne (Aude, France). Currently lives and works between Mexico and France.
Félix Blume is a sound artist and sound engineer. His work is focused on listening, it invites us to live sonic experiences that enable a different perception of the surrounding. He uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations ...