Silver, Shelly

°1957 - Brooklyn, New York (United States).
Shelly Silver (1957, New-York ) attended Cornell University, graduating in 1980 with a B.A. in Intellectual History, and a B.F.A. in Mixed Media and subsequently attended the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program ...

Stern, Eddo

°1972 - Tel Aviv (Israel). Lives in Los Angeles.
Eddo Stern lives and works in Los Angeles. He studied visual arts, new media and computer sciences at the University of California (Santa Cruz) and at the California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, USA). At the Design Media Arts Department of UCLA he teaches courses on game design and culture; computer game development; and physical computing in an art context ...

Shemisi Betutua, Paul

°1982 - DR Congo
Paul Shemisi Betutua started studying law, but soon swapped the lawbook for the camera. After gaining experience as a sound engineer and a camera assistant for foreign film crews, he started his own film training in 2013, organised by INSAS ...
Two Girls Downtown Iowa, Summers Elaine, 1973. Courtesy the Artist

Summers, Elaine

°1925 - Perth (Australia). Lives and works in New York.
Elaine Summers, one of the original members of the Judson Dance Theater, is one of the pioneers of conceptual dance from the 1960s and 1970s ...

Salloum, Jayce

°1958 - Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada). Lives in Vancouver.
As if an itinerant geographer of conflicted territories (most everywhere), Salloum observes the world and creates/collects images/texts to re-make meaning from or comment on. Since arriving here - by no means of his own volition - he tries to go only where he is invited or where there is an intrinsic affinity, his projects being rooted in an intimate engagement with place ...

Spilliaert, Lisa

°1990 - Tokyo (Japan). Lives and works in Belgium and Japan.
Lisa Spilliaert, daughter of a Japanese mother and a Belgian father, was born in Tokyo in 1990 and moved to Belgium in 2007. In 2013 she received her Master's degree in Photography at KASK in Ghent. In 2014 she won the Fine Arts Award of the Province of West-Flanders ...

Smits, George

°1944 - Antwerp (Belgium).
George Smits was a multi-faceted musician and visual artist.  He was a fixture of Antwerp's underground art scene starting in the mid-1960s, and preferably describing himself as a beatnik ...

Synak, Wiktoria

°1994 - Gdynia (Poland). Lives and works in Brussels.
Born in 1994 in Gdynia, Poland. Based in Brussels. Studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, ESADMM in Marseille and currently doing a Master degree in Photography at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. In June 2017 she received Roger de Conynck Prize - a support to young talented photographers awarded by Fondation Roi Baudouin ...

Suleiman, Elia

°1960 - Nazareth (Israel). Lives and works in New York and Nazareth.
Filmmaker Elia Suleiman was born in Nazareth, well after the establishment in 1948 of the state of Israel in historic Palestine. He lived in New York and Paris in self-imposed exile, before returning to the land of his birth to look for his roots. He now commutes between New York and Nazareth. He made his first work, Introduction to the End of an Argument / Speaking for oneself.. ...

Spilliaert, Clara

°1993 - Tokyo (Japan). Lives and works in Belgium and Japan.
Clara Spilliaert, daughter of a Japanese mother and a Belgian father, was born in Tokyo in 1993 and moved to Belgium in 2009. In 2015 she received her Master's degree in visual arts at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. Her work has been shown on International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2015), Be-Part (Waregem, Belgium, 2015), Museum Dr.Guislain (Ghent, Belgium, 2014-15) ...

Schaerf, Eran

°1962 - Tel Aviv (Israel). Lives and works in Berlin.
Eran Schaerf (1962, Tel Aviv, Israel) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He studied architecture from 1978 till 1987, specialising in urbanism, video and photography, at the Hochschüle der Kunste in Berlin. Schaerf works on his videos together with his partner, artist, writer and philosopher Eva Meyer ...

Saleh Mohamedali, Nizar

°1987 - DR Congo
Nizar Saleh Mohamedali is a graphic designer, filmmaker and photographer. In 2013 he followed a film training in Kinshasa, organised by INSAS. Currently he is finishing his studies in visual communication at the Académie des Beaux-Arts. Nizar has worked on several documentaries and, together with fellow filmmaker Paul Shemisi, founded the production house 'Kimpavita films' ...

Shin, Jung-Kyun

°1986 - Seoul (Korea).
Shin Jung-Kyun is an emerging artist who often works with video. He has participated in diverse screening events, festivals and projects, and has received several Awards. He has technique, ability of constructing narratives as well as his conceptual attitude as a video artist. He conveys a very personal memory of military service in his work, Universal Story. ...

Sólyom, András

°1951 - Budapest (Hungary).

Shaham, Avi

°1953 - Tel Aviv (Israel).
Avi Shaham, initially trained as a sculptor, works in installation, photography and video. His work dwells on man’s subservience to technology and machines. For the installations You are most welcome, Master Lucas (both 2002) and Ancient Machine (2003) he collaborated with Israeli artist Uri Tzaig. ...

Sanders, Mira

°1973 - Uccle (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Mira Sanders (b. 1973) studied Fine Arts at Sint-Lukas Brussels and is lecturer / researcher at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels/Ghent. Her oeuvre consists of video works, drawings and installations, in which a constant quest emerges for the places, people and stories they contain ...

Sanders, Angela

°1974 - Zürich (Switzerland).
Visual anthropologist and videomaker. The main focus of Sanders research is transnational migration and mobility, processes of globalization and their impacts on the living and working conditions of human beings. Her academic field research is often accompanied by reflexive ethnographic video essays. ...

Suermondt, Robert

°1961 - Geneva (Switzerland). Lives and works in Brussels and The Hague.
Robert Suermondt studied at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Visuels in Genève and at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. In his films, Suermondt demonstrates an explicit attitude towards the exploration of the dramatic potential of anonymous places as well of his own way of looking. The boundaries between the act of looking and the act of filming are never clearly drawn ...

Scholten, Peter

°1954 - Enschede (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Rotterdam.
Peter Scholten is a freelance documentary and programme maker. He was educated at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and at RITS School of Arts in Brussels. He is programmer and policy contributor for Cinema Enschede and works as a lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy. ...

Sessa, Alberta

°1967 - Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
After her studies (languages and law) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Alberta Sessa started working in the distribution of documentary and experimental movies (1995-1999). In 1998 she started a series called Le Monde tel qu'il va, based on newspaper clippings ...

Salpistis, Vassilis

°1975 - Thessaloniki (Greece). Lives and works in Paris
Vassilis Salpistis’s work takes its point departure in an approach to painting that boasts a great formal and technical diversity. Furthermore, the artist reaches beyond the strict framework of the medium and prefers to integrate other art forms, such as video and printed images, thereby extending the concept of the image ...

Sarah & Charles

Collaborating since 2004, Belgian artists Sarah & Charles draw inspiration from the world of entertainment and more specifically, its invisible structures. Subjects and genres such as make-believe, simulacrum, the story within the story, cinematic experience, the suspension of disbelief and music are playfully and thoughtfully reviewed in their research and practice ...

Schwindt, Grace

°1979 - Offenbach (Germany). Lives and works in London.
Grace Schwindt, born 1979, is a German artist based in London. Her practice involves film, live performance, sculpture and drawing. Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp represents her. Her work has been featured in solo presentation at White Columns Gallery in New York and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, at South London Gallery, among others ...