After a couple of Bachelor years at university Peter Boeckx spent his student days at the RITS in Brussels, where he graduated as a TV- and radio director. After a short spell with Flemish television he discovered the RTBF-programme Strip-Tease. He turned into one of the most avid followers of the "école striptease" and he developed a documentary style of his own, mainly recording, allowing the viewer to judge for himself. With regards to content he specializes mainly in typical Belgian subjects. Boeckx himself uses the term ’cinema’ in this respect - he sees it as a cinema of everyday life. Both his short and his longer documentaries have been critically acclaimed and awarded, nationally and internationally. His two long documentaries Pas de Plastique en Business Class (2003) and Une Vie de Chien (2004) were selected for the FIPA Festival in Biarritz. (Argos festival 2005 catalogue)