Pascal Bernier lives and works in Brussels. He soon broke out of the narrow-minded views imposed on him during his visual arts studies and went on a search for his own visual language, characterized by a flagrant dose of humor, recalcitrance and ’rock’n’roll’. His artistic investigation draws formal inspiration from pop art, baroque and minimalism and it is built around a subject matter which relates to the morbid and the violent. It results in a form of synthesis which combines the tragical and comical aspects into a paradoxical state of perception, ethically staggering and liberating at the same time. His paintings, pictures, collages, taxidermy and video work was presented, among others, at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires), Galerie Christine et Isy Brachot (Paris) and the New York EXPO festival. (argos festival 2005 catalogue)