Hänzel & Gretzel

°1966 - Nancy (France).
Hänzel & Gretzel was the pseudonym of Daniel Mangeon, video artist, author, maker of music videos, television director and image dresser of all sorts, who died in 2000 of AIDS at the age of 34. Throughout his broad oeuvre the recurring themes are a passion for transgressive pop music and an interest in the absurd ...

Heidsieck, Bernard

°1928 - Paris (France).
Bernard Heidsieck, a multimedia poet, finds his origins in action poetry and is one of the cofounders of sound poetry together with Henri Chopin, when, in 1959, they started to use recorders and microphones not simply as reproductive tools but as transformative mixing devices. Heidsieck published his first book of poems in 1955 and shortly afterwards he started his first recording experiences ...

Heremans, Sandra

°1989 - Rwanda
Sandra Heremans is art historian and filmmaker. She received a MA in Art History in Social and Cultural Anthropology. In her Master theses, she focused on the power and representation of the symbol in the art theory of Aby Warburg. Heremans later discovered experimental film and made her first short The Yellow Mazda and His Holiness (2018). ...

Huybrechts, Jo

°1958 - Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
Jo Huybrechts has been making audiovisual and sculptural work since 1983. He uses simple techniques to create hybrid videos and installations which are the open result of transmutations, deconstructions and reconstructions. The artist teaches at the film department of Sint-Lukas Hogeschool Brussels. ...

Hendrickx, Arnaud

- Lives and works in Brussels.

Hinant, Guy-Marc

°1960 - Charleroi (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Guy-Marc Hinant is the founder of the independent music label Sub Rosa, which specialises in electronic and avant-garde music. He edited the series An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music and wrote multiple essays for international journals, such as Leonardo Music Journal (USA), Luna-Park (Paris) and la revue Lapin (L'Association, Paris) ...

Heiremans, Ronny

°1962 - Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium). Lives in Brussels.
Heiremans' fascination for space, landscape and architecture is incorporated in his videos and installations, in which the notion of ‘displacement’ plays an important role. The collaborative work with his partner Katleen Vermeir examines the dynamic relation between art, architecture and economy, and its mediation in private and public spheres. ...

Ho, Tzu Nyen

°1976 - Singapore. Lives and works in Singapore.
Ho Tzu Nyen earned a BA in Creative Arts from Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne (Australie), and a MA of Art in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore. Ranging across painting, video, performance, lecturing and writing, Ho Tzu Nyen's work blurs the boundaries between these genres, creating a complex interdisciplinary practice ...

Hauben, Arnout

°1976 - Belgium.
Arnout Hauben is a Flemish director of television and journalist. ...

Hill, Gary

°1951 - Santa Monica, California (United States).
Gary Hill has worked with a broad range of media – including sculpture, sound, video, installation and performance – since the early 1970s. His longtime work with intermedia continues to explore an array of issues ranging from the physicality of language, synesthesia and perceptual conundrums to ontological space and viewer interactivity ...