The Wooster Group

°1975 - New York (United States)
° founded in 1975 in New York The Wooster Group is an ensemble of artists who, since the mid-seventies, have collaborated on the development and production of theatre and media pieces ...

Theys, Koen

°1963 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Koen Theys studied at the St. Lucas Academy in Brussels. Throughout his practice as a video artist he develops a language that consists in adding emotional, intuitive or intellectual connotations to elementary images, which are continuously combined in different ways so that a narrative structure arises. ...

Tuerlinckx, Joëlle

°1958 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Joëlle Tuerlinckx (1958, Brussels, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. Professor at ERG masterII , Brussels (B) and HEAD, Geneve (CH). With Tuerlinckx’s work the conventional distance between the viewer and the art object fades. Her exhibitions are registrations of moments, proposals for temporary relationships between space, time and the world. ...

Terziev, Krassimir

°1969 - Dobritch (Bulgaria). Lives and works in Sofia.
Krassimir Terziev (1969, Dobritch, Bulgaria) received a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology at Sofia University (2012), and is lecturer in the Digital Arts MA Program at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, where he received an MA in Painting (1997). Terziev is one of the leading Bulgarian contemporary artists ...

Trouvé, Rudy

Rudy has a love for cinema. In art collegue he studied animation, which is obviously a form of cinema, but he has been seen dozens of times with a video or super8 camera around Antwerp, just shooting footage. He likes to to keep an 'archive' of filmed material, but so far, only one 'finished' product has emerged from his urge to film ...
AVATAR, 2001, Frank Theys © the artist

Theys, Frank

°1963 - Ukkel (Belgium). Lives and works in Amsterdam.
During his studies in philosophy Frank Theys wrote a dissertation on the German 19th century composer Richard Wagner. After his studies, he and his brother Koen checked the intrigues with the scenarios of the epic cycle Ring des Nibelungen and the opera Parsifal, both by Wagner, resulting in the epoch making two volume video Lied van mijn Land (Song of my Soil, 1982 - 1988) ...

The Atlas Group

The Atlas Group is a project established in Beirut in 1999 to research and document the contemporary history of Lebanon. The Atlas Group locates, preserves, studies and produces audio, visual, literary and other documents that shed light on this history. The documents are preserved in The Atlas Group Archive which is located in Beirut and New York ...
Aubier & Patar, UFO's boven Geel, 1999. © the artists

Tavier, Vincent

°1962 - Namur (Belgium).
The Eternal Frame, Ant Farm, 1975. Courtesy Electronic Art Intermix (EAI), New York

T.R. Uthco

T.R. Uthco was a San Francisco-based multi-media performance art collective that engaged in satirical critiques of the relation between mass media images and cultural myths, using irony, theatricality, and spectacle as its primary strategies. Founded by Doug Hall, Diane Andrews Hall, and Jody Procter in 1970, T.R ...

Thys, Harald

°1966 - Wilrijk (Belgium).
Harald Thys (1966, Wilrijk, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. He studied at the Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Fine Arts Department, in the Netherlands. Best known for his collaborations with Jos De Gruyter ...

The Otolith Group

°2002 - London (United Kingdom).
The Otolith Group (Kodwo Eshun & Anjalika Sagar) was founded in 2002. Based in London, their work engages with archival materials, with futurity and with the history of diverse provenances ...

Tollenaere, Isabelle

°1984 - Ghent
Isabelle Tollenaere is an independent filmmaker from Belgium, making short and feature length films that playfully move between the codes and conventions of documentary and fiction, film and contemporary art. Her work deals with the connections between the current changing reality and the memory of the past ...

Tzaig, Uri

°1965 - Kiryat Gat (Israel). Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
Ever since Uri Tzaig started out as an artist in the early nineties, he has been engaged in cultural, anthropological and political topics. The artist works with multiple media, using techniques to divert the attention of the viewer and challenge his expectations. In his highly reflective and contextual work the ordinary is mingled with the magical ...

Tazartès, Ghédalia

In 1974, the French artist Ghédalia Tazartès bought a microphone, tape recorder and band echo. Primarily using his voice as an instrument, he began to develop ‘Impromuz’, his own musical language. In his performances, Tazartès creates a musical background of drones and loops over which he sings in a style reminiscent of gypsy folk music ...

Tarantino, Maria

°1972 - Milan (Italy). Lives and works in Belgium.
Maria Tarantino (born in Milan in 1972) studied philosophy in Scotland and Italy before settling down in Belgium, where she gradually moves from philosophy to journalism. In Brussels she works for the press, radio and television for several years ...

Torfs, Ana

°1963 - Mortsel (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Since the early 1990s, Belgian visual artist Ana Torfs has been composing a unique, visually striking oeuvre, which addresses fundamental questions of representation and its narrative structures. The relation or tension between text and image plays a central role in her work, and with it all the related processes of visualization, interpretation, perception, manipulation and translation ...

Touijer, Nadia

°1976 - Tunis (Tunisia).
Nadia Touijer (°1976, Tunis, Tunisia) graduated from the National Higher Institute of Performing Arts (INSAS) Belgium. Writer, editor and director, she has worked on dozens of projects as a script writer and editor. She previously directed several short films and documentaries, such as 'The Refuge', 'Crossing' and 'Precipice' and is currently working on her first feature film ...
epic (malhame), Julia Meltzer & David Thorne, 2008 © the artists & producer

Thorne, David

°1960 - Boston, Massachusetts (United States). Lives and works in Los Angeles.
David Thorne is a politically engaged artist. He frequently collaborates with Los Angeles based artist Julia Meltzer to produce installations, photographs, and videos that raise questions about the uses of documents and their social, political, and affective impact. ...