In Real to Reel artists nourish their video works with photographic techniques or aesthetics in a way to interrelate the two media and bluer their limits. Different strategies are employed to establish this dialogue: while Bernard Gigounon plays with printed and accelerated images, Hans Op de Beeck or Messieurs Delmotte turn filmed portraits in almost static and trivial images. On the contrary, in works by Dekyndt or Opsomer, the videos combine anolog or digital processes that emphasize the artists' concerns. Between the strict formalism of Jan Kempenaers' Antwerpen-Berchem and the antinomy shown in Vidéo relationnelle (1973 - 1974): Photo by Jacques Lennep, or the tale of The Conversation by Harald Thys, the selected videos consider photographies as a raw physical or metaphorical footage that needs to be edited or alternatively re-shot to signify.

The program is screened in loop.

Jan Kempenaers – Antwerpen-Berchem
1998, 14'57'', colour, silent.
Hans Op de Beeck – Colours
1999, 1'41'', colour, silent.
Edith Dekyndt - Star System
2001, 12'16'', colour, English running text.
Bernard Gigounon – Cascade
2001, 1'30'', colour, sound.
Harald Thys - The Conversation
1991, 28', colour, English spoken.
Jacques Lennep - Vidéo relationnelle (1973 - 1974): Photo
1973 – 1974, 19'', b&w, silent.
Els Opsomer - _imovie[1]_: the agony of silence
2003, 11'58'', colour, English running text.
Jacques-Louis Nyst - Lettre ouverte
1974, 4', b&w, French and English spoken.
Messieurs Delmotte - Real to real photography
2003, 12', colour, sound.

This event is part of Silver Bliss #1: DCA Screenings