Opening: Saturday April 23rd 2016 // 18:00 - 21:00

Exploring the concept of dreams and the different ways in which they can be imagined, the exhibition Pies in the Skies features exclusively works from the Argos collection. How do artists translate our dreams to the screen? Video art has always succeeded in transcending the limits of time and space to create a new ephemeral reality, using different techniques such as collage, mirror effects, tempo changes, blur, repetition, etc. At the same time this insightful exhibition includes the close relation between the subconscious and the rise of film and cinema, both fields where visual explorations in worlds without structure or logic are possible. The development of the psychoanalysis acted as a catalyst for the surrealist movement, and became an inspiration to many artists. Pies in the Skies invites us to discover the mystery of our subconscious mind by showing us its many shapes and recreations in the audiovisual arts.

The featured artists from the Argos collection include Heine Avdal, Charley Case, Messieurs Delmotte, Ken Kobland, Isabelle Nouzha, Jacques-Louis Nyst, Hans Op de Beeck, Nicolas Provost and Krassimir Terziev.



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This event is part of Heritage Day 2016: Rituals