A room in Brooklyn, New York, perhaps the room of the artist itself? The space reminds us somewhat of Hoppers famous interior paintings. When the clock is about to strike midnight, images start to appear on the walls of the appartement. Marlene Dietrich on the cover of Life Magazine, Superman, Nikita Kruschev, Laurel and Hardy. Are we witnessing the drowsy imagination of a what seems to be a long lost childhood? Rock ’n’ roll evergreens form the swinging soundtrack of this beautifully animated trip. Finally, the protagonist falls asleep. The music becomes jazzy while the room further transforms: a waterfall appears at the window, a painted scene from Hopper in the corner, Jacques Tati wanders through the room, Gordon Matta-Clark seems to be cutting up the walls and Francis Bacon inhabits the space, the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel slides by… WHERE WAS I NOW? forms a both vivacious, almost trancey ode to the works, artists and wonderful things that inspired the artist. An incantation.