Wim Catrysse (1973) lives and works in Antwerp (BE). He studied at Sint-Lucas, Brussels; HISK, Antwerp; Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin and in 2011 attended Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School, London.

The directness of Wim Catrysse’s video work can be perceived as the result of his fondness for the theater and live performances. His video installations make a direct bodily or physical appeal to the spectator’s experiential world. Through simple technical means he realizes highly suggestive images, which play with the existential context of the individual. His attention is principally aimed at corporeal expression, at the language of the body. The images have an alienating and grasping side to them, which is supported by the fragmentation of sound and image, their intensity and their ephemeral character. Cartrysse’s work reveals a strong fascination with the human body and the way it relates to the environment. During his past as a theatre actor, he discovered the possibilities and power of physical performance as a direct gateway into the spectator’s world of experience. With his video installations he elaborates on this, exploring the limitations and extremes of body language with simple means. Apart from the ’actors’ and the spectator, the camera can almost be considered as a third participant, because it is involved in the scene as a constructional element.