The Roof, James Nares, 1975. Courtesy the Artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

Nares, James

°1953 - London (UK). Lives and works in New York.
Painter, no wave-musician, performer and filmmaker James Nares was born in London and moved to New York in 1973 where he lives and works. His early video and performance experiments with gestures and objects from the mid 1970s, executed on the rooftop of his Downtown studio, have a particular consistency and elegance. ...

Noël, Cédric

°1978 - Argenteuil (France).
Cédric Noël is a visual artist interested in the nature of images, and more specifically in the mental processes involved in the production and the reception of an image ...

Nouzha, Isabelle

°1976 - Strasbourg (France). Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).
Isabelle Nouzha graduated from LUCA School of Arts Brussels, Belgium. In her work she combines film, video, and photography. Violent elements often dictate her scenarios so as breaking points, traces of historical violence, marginalized social groups. ...

New Humans

°2003 - New York (United States).
Formed in 2003, New York-based New Humans make collaborative works involving sound, installation, and performance actions. New Humans is a moniker for Mika Tajima's projects with other musicians, artists and designers. New Humans performances and recordings continue a working use of physical materials, piercing drones, sheer static, and low bass frequencies ...

Nys, Sophie

°1974 - Belgium
Sophie Nys lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She studied visual arts at Sint-Lukas in Gent and obtained her postgraduate degree from the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Nys’ videos are equally impulsive as disarming observations and self-portraits ...

Nyst, Jacques Louis

°1942 - Liège (Belgium).
Jacques Louis Nyst, who was a painter, multimedia artist, publicist and also pioneer of Belgian video art, produced a very consistent body of video work. Together with his wife, Danièle Nyst, he made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical videos ...

Nedreaas, Trine Lise

°1972 - Bergen (Norway). Lives and works in London.
Trine Lise Nedreaas (°1972, Bergen, Norway) studied art history philosophy at the University of Bergen (Norway) before moving to London where she started her art education at Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design (1994-95) and later at The Slade School of Fine Art (1995–99) ...

Nyst, Danièle

°1942 - Liège (Belgium).
Danièle Nyst studied at the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts and produced music programs for the RTBF (Radio Television Belge-Française). Together with her husband, Jacques Louis Nyst, she made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical videos. The concern of how art ‘functions’ is always central ...