Efemeria is a transcription to video of a project with slides, a poem and soundscape from 1958. This assemblage of ’words/images/sounds’ is extremely nude in its juxtaposition. The transcription to video of 2011, became an act of purity and brutality, radical in all its simplicity. The slides are from photographer Julien Coulommier, the words are written and read by poet Chris Yperman. Images and text are emerged of a strongly pronounced pantheism. Behind our visible world, lies a more frightening one. What we see is the second face of things. Not only was the restoration of slides and sound tape a complex matter, there was also the matter of transferring to another medium, to video. The succession and duration of the images, along with the length of the manual fades, all was to be reinvented. Poet and photographer worked in total liberty, in an experimental esprit. The language was non-conformist, there was superposition of two slides in one frame, the fades had unusual durations (stand stills on the moments of fade), ... . This Cobra mentality, this love for the non-figurative and subjective photography; it all seems wonderful sparkling and fresh.