curated by Eva González-Sancho (FRAC Bourgogne)

Around the mid-1960s, after studying architecture and art, Downsbrough started to fully concentrate on his career as an artist. In 1970, after several years of experimenting and exploring materials, including cardboard, wood, steel, lead, neon tubing, this resulted in Two Pipes (outside), Two Dowels (inside) and Two Lines (on paper). By photographing these pieces for documentation purposes from different angles and distances, he gradually started taking photographs of ‘cuts’ that already existed in the urban landscape. Some of these photographs were used in books, some appeared in magazines, but it wasn’t until 1980 that they showed up in exhibitions. From 1977 on, Downsbrough realized several videos as well as audiotapes. A record (From) was made in 1978 and released in 1982. Looking to expand the vocabulary, Downsbrough developed a series of works using dice. In 1980, on the Spectacolor Board on Times Square, New York, he realized a 30-second spot shown for four days, once every hour, and documented it in a short film, 7 come 11. Around the same time, he also started using regular postcards, initially by applying two lines, later to be followed by the use of words. Somewhere in 1983, as a means of exploring space and structure, some new work with maquettes was initiated. Shortly thereafter, Downsbrough developed the Wall Pieces and Room Pieces. The first commissioned public work was an exterior wall piece in Rennes, France, 1990. The film Occupied was produced in 2000, ten years after it was conceived. With the arrival of inexpensive digital video cameras Downsbrough took up video again. Today, all these disciplines – sculpture, architecture, photography, videos, audio, drawing, books – occupy the field of his activities.

Programme I (19.09, 21.09 & 28.09 20h00)
7 come 11, 1980-81
PASS-ING], 2002
SET[ING], 2003
A[S, 2005
Occupied, 2000
OUT]SIDE, 2005
Now With, in Three Parts, 1983
ET/C, 2004

Programme II (20.09, 24.09 & 29.09 20h00)
And Align, 1976
SET[ING], 2003
A[S, 2005
AS]IN, 2006
Untitled 5.03, 2003
7 come 11, 1980-81
THRU, 2003
GROUP-ED]AS..., 2004

Peter Downsbrough, 7 come 11, 1980-81