Special Screening! Argos Nocturne on Wednesday 5th of December 2018

Beyond the many different ways of walking – like for instance the pilgrimage, the promenade, the protest march, the nature ramble – this selection of films from the Argos collection explores the act of walking as an artistic practice. Starting from the early 70ies with the collaborative films by Jef Cornelis realized together with the conceptual artists Stanley Brouwn and Pieter Engels or the “untalented stroll” made by Lizène, through the socially engaged walks of Angel Vergara or Vincent Meessen, the program proposes an eclectic view on a practice that has a certain tradition in the art and cinema of the 20th century. In this respect, Lukas Marxt plays with narratives and perspectives, human footsteps and bird's eye camera views, while the film by Shelly Silver can be both seen as an observation on the boundaries of private space in the public realm but also as an homage to Vito Acconci, Sophie Calle, Laurie Anderson, and all other artists who have felt compelled to follow. Finally the amusing yet intriguing recorded actions by Messieurs Delmotte and Ria Pacquée force the viewer to closely observe what would have otherwise been neglected.

Jef Cornelis - Stanley Brouwn 6 stappen 10x (MTL Gallery Brussel)
1971, 3'45”, b&w, Dutch spoken, English subtitles.
Jacques Lizène - Filmer le bas des murs au cours d'une longue ...
1971, 5', b&w, silent.
Jef Cornelis - Pieter Engels, PARAMARCHE (reverse event)
1972, 4'20”, b&w, Dutch, English, German and French spoken.
Angel Vergara - Promener les images
1988, 1'42”, colour, silent.
Shelly Silver - April 2nd
1994, 10', colour, sound.
Messieurs Delmotte - Turn Around
2001, 2'07”, colour, sound.
Vincent Meessen - The intruder
2005, 7'26”, colour, sound.
Ria Pacquée - Running Around
2015, 11'59”, colour, sound.
Lukas Marxt - Captive Horizon
2015, 14'38", colour, sound.
NB: screened in loop.



This program is part of the Wandering Arts Biennial 2018.

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