Aïlien Reyns realises experimental portraits that depart from an extensive process of interactive research and dialogue with the subjects in her films.

The artist's audiovisual approach is very much influenced by her studies as a historian. As in historical writing, a conventional narration precedes contemporary filmmaking. The truth claims that is exercised by a linear narration, the demonstrative use of (visual) sources and a determining approach of the subject are some of its main characteristics.

The work of Aïlien Reyns continuously questions these axioms, reveals and deconstructs them. She activates the subject by a co-creative approach and she treats the auditive and visual elements of film as two independent narratives -often placed in a dialectic relationship to each other, which requires the spectator to mediate actively. 

Other recurrent themes in her work are: intimate space, migration, socio-urban interactions and audiovisual media in itself.