This audiovisual work offers a contemporary insight in the lives of people in a metropole and researches more specifically the different forms of proximity. Through the images as well as the voice-over, the film aims to reformulate the question of proximity in contemporary urban society. The collected images from Beijing and the voice over composed in Brussels, are both extremely sensory: the spectator becomes actively engaged. He/she needs to redefine his or her accordance to the publicity of the private sphere. Who is he/she as a specator between spectators? What is one spectating? Who is he/she as a civilian? As a human?


 This experimental portret is the result of a co-creative process between Aïlien Reyns and Fleur Khani, a Brussels based word-artist. The film exists of collected footage from Beijing and a voice over written in Brussels. The film shows amature footage made by inhabitants of Beijing covering the Chinese character for 'home'. We see their appartment, their daily rituals, pets, family photo's, bath- and bedrooms. We listen to the voice of a woman. She speaks English. In the first person, she tells us about her routines, her body and what takes place in her head. The spectator is presented with a transurban insight into the lives of people in a metropole while being seduced to research the possibilities and forms of closeness. Aïlien Reyns and Fleru Khani force, both with the images as with the spoken text, a reformulation of the question of intimicy.

  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 2014
  • Duration 00:18:15
  • Languageinfo
    Subtitles: English UK, Dutch/ Flemish, French
    Spoken: English UK
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