"Alain Géronnez studied painting at the Sint-Lukas institute in Brussels. Currently he teaches graphic techniques at the ERG (École de Recherche Graphique-Bruxelles). His own visual, conceptual and multimedia work, however, is not linked to whatever technique. He does not perceive himself as an active photographer or videomaker, but he is guided more by his recording equipment, he says. He records what his perspective tells him to and based on the raw source material he weaves a poetic associative network around image, sound and word, as a form of hypertext. He exhibits since 1974, first as a member of the collective Groupe 50/04 (1973-86), later under his own name. His work has been exhibited already at the Galerie Claire Brunnus (Paris), Galerie Tilman (Brussels) and Bozar (Brussels)."

(Source: argos festival 2005 catalogue)