The competences is a series of videos in which I explore the incompetences I experience to express myself after breaking up a relationship.

The first video deals with the incompetence to show. In the second I search for a way to represent the inability to feel. The third video is about the incompetence to speak, find words.

The videos and the mediums that were chosen in it each contribute to the process of incompetence. A cinema screen without image, an theremin being played without touching, a drawing session, ... The video I am sending is the first video and it is about the "Incompetence to show" based on a conversation I had with Chinese director Zao Wang. Because of the censorship in China, he was not able to tell the story he wanted with a particular film. The video narrates what should have been seen by showing a black image with subtitles.

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  • Jaar 2022
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