Justine Cappelle is a female Belgian filmmaker. Her graduation film MAREGRAVE is a portrait of the North Sea, as a collector of human decay. The movie instantly proofed her talented eye for the power of documentary storytelling, not only by capturing reality but by interpreting it and giving it an innovative, humorous and personal dimension. MAREGRAVE was selected for IDFA, more than 10 international film festivals, and was awarded twice. Justine just finished her first film after graduation, called OVER THE TOP, in which she played with the volatility of modern life opposed to the eternity of the pyramids in Egypt. Meanwhile, she is also shooting her first feature-length documentary film, called RAINBOW. RAINBOW shows us a futuristic dance through the natural landscape in which artificial technology plays hide and seek. At this moment she is also exploring the boundaries towards fiction in the docu- fiction youth detective series DOOFPOTOPERATIE. In which deaf teenagers use their disability as a unique talent to spot injustices. A project that explores the tension between the hearable and non-hearable. The common theme in her work is often making something tangible that is not touchable. Justine is increasingly taking an experimental step towards other mediums in order to better achieve her goal: to investigate invisible phenomena and make them visible. With objects and materials, she tries to establish a tangible connection between the work and its surroundings. There are always social issues that arise. By depicting the world in a new way she invites you to use your eyes in a way you didn't see things before.This without being too directive and leaving room for your own opinion to be formed.