‘untitled’ is an ongoing multi-channel video installation continuing my series of projects addressing social and political realities and representations, manifestations, and enunciations, focusing on borders/nationalisms/ movements (shifts, transitions, and interstitial space/time) and subjectivity and the conditions of living between polarities of culture, geography, history, and ideology.
The installation is not modeled on the viewing of art (i.e. painting) but on an approach to research or reading, a living archive. It is flexible in its presentation with 1 - 9 distinct videotape parts looped for continuous play. Each tape is projected onto it’s own screen/image area (c. 5 feet x 7 feet/1.5m x 2m) or has an assigned monitor size. For parts 2 & appendix i, the projection screens are butted side by side on the same wall with projectors ceiling mounted. Part 1 is projected on the wall opposite these. The audio from the tapes with sound are heard with headphones while sitting on sofas or comfortable chairs. Appendix ii is shown on a medium size monitor hanging from the ceiling facing the entrance to the gallery like an airport arrival/departure display. The appendix iii monitor sits on the floor facing those leaving the space. Appendix iv is projected or shown on a large flat screen monitor in a corner. Appendix i, ii, iii and iv are silent. An atmosphere of visual collision, collaboration, contextualization, critical interference or mutual existence emanates from the tapes themselves and the viewing of the material. The screens play off of each other creating an imagistic experience of the physical/visceral and of the underlying subjectivity experienced through the body, as crisis, nation, and metaphor, or in transition and shift, and in the recounting or enunciatory nature of the interstitial site.

Versions of this installation have been exhibited at:
Eurovision2000, Prague; World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam; MoneyNations2, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna ~ 2000
Santa Monica Museum of Art, California; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade ~ 2001
The Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, Québec ~ 2001-03
YYZ Gallery, Toronto; Instants Video de Manosque, France ~ 2002
Galerie 101, Ottawa; Dazibao Galerie, Montréal ~ 2003; Western Front, Vancouver; Northwest Film & Video Festival, Portland ~ 2004
7th Sharjah Biennial, UAE; The Disasters of War: From Goya to Golub, Erza & Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, Connecticut ~ 2005
Museum Villa Stuck, Munich; 15th Biennale of Sydney, Australia ~ 2006
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Zealand ~ 2008
Western Front, Vancouver; Kamloops Art Gallery ~ 2009
Artspace, Sydney, Australia ~ 2010

untitled, Jayce Salloum, 1999- © the artist & produceruntitled part 1: everything and nothing, Jayce Salloum, 1999-2002 © the artist & produceruntitled part 2: beauty and the east, Jayce Salloum, 1999-2003 © the artist & produceruntitled, Jayce Salloum, 1999- © the artist & produceruntitled part 3a: occupied territories, Jayce Salloum, 2000-2004 © the artist & producer