A composition is for six hands on three tables. Three percussionists perform different movements with both hands on the tables, which they use as instruments. From these very simple actions - (e.g. 'le plat' (striking the table with the palm), 'le revers' (touching the surface of the table with the back of the hand) or 'la dactylo' (parallel rubbing motions of the wrists over the table) - a complex contemporary music score arises. As often in the films of De Mey, movement is centrally placed, here intertwining with a metaphoric language. Thierry De Mey: “We take the position that cinematographic composition should use every element (script, framing, sound, editing, etc.) to maximise the effect with respect to the finished project; our approach to theatrical action makes no difference between film and music: we seek the abstract point where the respective intensities meet in order to multiply.”