Reality bites its own tail. Florian Gwinner constructs a model of a world from the viewpoint that reality and its model are one. Starting with a white horizon, a camera tracks slowly backwards in a straight line. On its way, it glides past a few signs of human existence. Gradually, these make way for a church, houses, carsm then ever-wider streets and urban highrises. While the model of urban architecture is in itself impressive, the real fascination in Gwinner’s video lies in his treatment of materials. While the city’s outskirts are wrought in painstaking detail, the urban centre itself is adorned with plastic straws, egg cartons, cardboard boxes in an almost slapdash manner. City life is composed of disposable materials. And then, logical to the eye but amazing to the mind, the trip through urban no-man’s-land ends up right at your feet, beneath a chair in the very room in which you are sitting.