In 1979, Stefaan Decostere took on his job with the BRTN. Ever since that moment he is considered as one of the most innovative television-makers. With new image forms Decostere explores mostly complex ideas. His five-piece The Travelogue Series is generally considered as the magnum opus of his oeuvre. It is a series of travel guides exploring parallels between different forms of cultural display: the museum, the world's fair, the city, film, television, the shopping mall and the tourist site. Within all these forms, legacies of power, colonialism and sexism are revealed. Travelogue adapts an engaging and highly reflective form of responding to and challenging these structures of power, from within the visual and aural layering, alternative ideas are presented.

- Travelogue 1: The Dream of Leopold II (11 min, 1990)
- Travelogue 2: The Metamorphoses of Tintin (11 min, 1990)
- Travelogue 3: Alchemy Bruxelloise (11 min, 1990)
- Travelogue 4: Coming from the Wrong Side (56 min, 1992)
- Travelogue 5: Déja-vu (54 min, 1994)

  • Year 1990-1994
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