The work of Wim Cartrysse reveals a strong fascination with the human body and the way it relates to the environment. During his past as a theatre actor he discovered the possibilities and power of physical performance as a direct gateway into the spectator’s world of experience. With his video installations he elaborates on this, exploring the limitations and extremes of body language with simple means. The same holds for ‘Catch-as-catch-can’, in which two men seem to be cornering each other on a revolving wheel. Even though their fighting positions seem to indicate that the battle might break loose at any moment, the first battle of these men is with gravity. With eyes constantly focused on their mutual opponent, the body looks for stability in its cramped position. The camera records the intense internal conflict from the outside of the arena, but he remains a passive witness, just like the spectator, empathizing with a feeling of disorientation and alienation.