An observation of public space that is popular among youth communities in Sofia (the park in front of the Monument of the Soviet army). A place to spare time in chatting, drinking, smoking, practicing urban sports or just hanging around. The camera observes from a distance the scenes of spare time and the regular passers by The following editing process adds to the image audio samples coming from libraries dedicated to narrative cinema production: atmospheres, beats, suspense motives, etc (all that in cinema is called extra-diegesis). The implanting of sonic codes from drama films over the opaque (that escape explicit interpretation) visual scenes is an experiment with the subconscious montage of reality every viewer makes on the basis of received ideas, interpretations and guesses, that rarely contain the entire information for a given event. The increase of spare time saturated by media streams from near and far that construct the world is a reservoir for the imagination, role plays, constructions of identities, missions and causes. That liquid ambience between reality and ficton is loaded with suspense and hidden dramatism.