"1. Though not really a photographer, Boris Lehman has taken large quantities of photos. The vast majority, estimated at several hundred thousand, are stored in boxes, envelopes and cupboards, protected from light and dust. Waiting to be displayed or published, waiting for someone to ask for them. At the age of 50, Boris decided to make a film about them. But how to show all that? What to show?
2. First of all, examine them, open the boxes, see what’s inside. A whole life shut up in a box? The past rushes back, we speak to the photos and they speak to us. People forgotten or deceased start to relive for us.
3. Should I put some order in my life? I can only show my chaos.
4. The photos have a will of their own, they slip through my fingers, they get away all the time. They fly off, as if sucked up, perhaps by the movie camera itself! I don’t manage to show them.
5. I am up against the wall, and will soon lose my foothold. I’m only too aware of this.
6. I tell you my life story. I don’t tell you my life story.
7. This time, I tell you my life story. No, I don’t tell you my life story, it’s others that tell mine and I tell theirs. I is we, are we agreed?" (source: www.borislehman.be)

  • Formaat 16mm(16 mm.)
  • Kleur col.
  • Jaar 2002
  • Duur 03:30:00
  • Taalinfo
    Lopende tekst/titels: French
    Ondertitels: English UK
    Gesproken: French
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