We meet Floris in the empty and cold warehouse where he collects cardboard boxes and is organising them in a specific way. We discover the boxes start to form a pyramid. The boxes symbolise Floris’ ultimate desire: reaching the top. Literally the top since Floris wants to put his epitaph of mankind on top of the Gizeh pyramid. And figuratively, because Floris wants to be a change-maker and get to the top with this action. He wants to leave universal meaning as an artist, to deserve his eternal place at the top, a place in the history of mankind and maybe even ultimate fame. Month after month Floris is preparing his action: from designing his epitaph till practising flying drones, until the big day arrives that has to change his life.. Focusing on the contrast between the volatility of social media versus the eternity of the pyramids in Egypt the movie wants to think about the unsustainable aspect of modern meaning. While the character is hunting for identity, meaning, love and likes, the competition turns out to be big; someone else runs away with Floris his dreamed success. All that remains is a self deconstruction, a ruin of cardboard boxes.

  • Kleursysteem PAL
  • Kleur col. and b&w
  • Jaar 2020
  • Duur 00:21:00
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    Lopende tekst/titels: English UK
    Gesproken: English UK, Dutch/ Flemish
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