Black Market appears in the frame of Artbrussels 2016, as a space to display the use of black market strategies in artistic creation and to investigate the topic of circulation beneath the realm of the visible. And by emerging in the specifc context of the fair, the Black Market raises a question on the differentiation and contiguity of black and white. Among a challenging program that proposes lectures, workshops, moments of discussion and performances, Argos presents Money! a thematic screening in which wealth and currency become means to understand cultural and social relations. With an unconventional documentary style, these works reveal the omnipresence and unavoidability of money in our societies, but they also propose poetics of resistance.

Screening program:

Claudio Pazienza - L'argent raconté aux enfants et à leurs parents
2002, video, colour, 53', French and Italian spoken, English subtitles.
L’argent raconté aux enfants et à leurs parents (Money told to children and their parents) scrutinizes the metallic gauntness of a room with modesty and humour and tells - by bits - the story of a working family incapable of combining needs and desires. There is nothing naive about L'Argent raconté aux enfants et à leurs parents, it is a tragicomedy dealing with debt, ties, filial love and money. Morality: is debt the cost of the social link?

Roy Villevoye - Voice-Over
2014, video, colour, 21'18", Asmati and Dutch spoken, English subtitles.
In the tropical rainforest Papuans create a large, traditional sculpture to commemorate a recently deceased family member, Omoma. The Latter's friend, the filmmaker, watches the ritual closely. At the same time, elsewhere, he becomes embroiled in a business conflict. A painful confrontation between two worlds with 'The sculpture' as the transgressive symbol of life on the one hand, and big money on the other.

Sarah Vanagt - Money Exchange
2005, video, colour, 2'30", Kinyarwanda spoken, English subtitles.
April in Rwanda; the month of mourning in the new Rwandan calendar. While the country is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the genocide, children play games. Sarah Vanagt spent the Easter holiday in an orphanage village, a "children's republic" situated in the war-torn border zone between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Followed by a conversation with Sarah Vanagt.

Black Market is a project conceived by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Teresa Gentile and Simon Asencio, and produced by Aleppo, a Brussels-based Laboratory for Experiments in Performance and Politic, connecting people and reflections on art and political philosophy.