To actively draw attention to the recent publication The clandestine in the work of Jef Cornelis (Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie; co-publishers: Argos, De Witte Raaf, Marcelum Boxtareos) and to make their research project about the work of former television-producer Jef Cornelis more profound, the authors Koen Brams en Dirk Pültau go on a small-scale lecture-tour with stages in Antwerp, Louvain and Brussels. Apart from the authors, other speakers and guests appear as well, among which Cornelis himself, and diverse film screenings take place.
Jef Cornelis (°1941) was from 1963 to 1998 producer, director en screenplay writer at VRT, the Dutch-language Belgian public broadcaster. During those thirty five years, Cornelis realized an impressive oeuvre. It includes more than 200 titles and is both artistically and cultural-historically pioneering.

ANTWERP / Cinema Zuid
Screening, 20.10.2010, 20:00
Introduced by Dirk Pültau
James Lee Byars, Antwerpen 18 april – 7 mei 1969. 1969, 32’30", b&w, English spoken.
Daniel Buren. 1971, 5’40", b&w, Dutch and French spoken, English subtitles.
Cogels Osylei. 1970, 5’25", b&w, Dutch spoken.
Cogels Osylei, Berchem. 1971, 10’25", b&w, Dutch spoken.
De straat. 1972, 39’30", b&w and colour, Dutch spoken.
HET GEDROOMDE BOEK : variaties op "vita brevis" van Maurice Gilliams. 1979, 45’17", colour, Dutch spoken.

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