In his videos, photos and installations, Emmanuel Van der Auwera unravels notions such as making the invisible visible, loss or emptiness. A cryptic perception of reality emerges from the political, historical or scientific context and references he includes in his work. The things he interacts with are on the verge of change. Engaged in metamorphosis they are phenomena that question the multiple dimensions of reality. They produce situations in which the logic is deconstructed and laid bare.

A certain amount of clarity
2014, 29’12”, colour, English and German spoken, English subtitles.
Central Alberta
2016, 46'29”, color, English spoken.
Missing Eyes
2017, 15', color, sound.


13.09.2018 - 19:00

Black Thursday: Emmanuel Van der Auwera

In the context of the Emmanuel Van der Auwera Black Box, the artist will be in discussion with Ive Stevenheydens - curator at ARGOS Center for Art and Media, Brussels - around his work and films screened in the Black Box.

The screening of Emmanuel van der Auwera's latest film "Wake me up at 4.20" (15min) will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

The discussion will be followed by a DJ set of around 90min with DJ Klakke, who will build his set in dialogue with projections of video works by Emmanuel Van der Auwera.