Konrad Beckers artistic works research hypermedia, networks and social media. The works form an alternative reflection on information- and communication technologies, placing a particular emphasis on the inter-relations of the symbolic and the real; on immaterial information regimes and tangible reality. Active since 1979, multidisciplinary artist Becker is widely considered as a pioneer in experimental electronic music. Apart from composing, he has been writing, curating and producing numerous intermedia events. In 1994 Becker co-founded the Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0, and he became the Director of Public Netbase, a meanwhile legendary center for digital communication culture. As a core initiator of World-Information.Org, an importance cultural intelligence provider in the 1990s, he continued to be active as an artist, researcher, writer, interdisciplinary event designer, organizer and producer. Another conceptual venture of Becker was the Global-Security-Alliance.Com project, a peacekeeping agency that questioned the dominant security paradigm. Konrad Becker is a founding member of Monoton, an Austrian combo that provides “distinguished electronic soundscapes and psycho-acoustics”.