Tobias Putrih’s installations and art objects – in their majority build with cardboards – construct architectonic structures that reflect on art history and modern architecture in their socio-political aspects. His often conceptual-based work includes plans, maquettes and intricate constructions of proto-spaces made of mundane materials such as cardboard, polystyrene and plywood organized in highly complex forms that suggest an analogue parametric design. His artwork address particular aspects of modern history such as social utopianism, modernist architecture and the evolution of cinema. In his various projects he chooses to work on the distortion of perceptions and its effects, and on the sensations of spectators and the factors determining their behaviour, inciting viewers to rethink the relationships between reality and fiction. He is interested in the dichotomies between the real and the fictional, analogue and virtual, interiority and exteriority to explore notions of the social and cultural space, moving among concepts of visual models from science and art that reflect his interest in cinema, modernist architecture, and design. Putrih participated in ‘Manifesta 4’ (2002) and represented Slovenia at the Venice Biennial in 2007 and the São Paulo Biennale in 2010.