Adam Leech is a video artist and painter. He has been active in the Flemish art community for the past three years when he started the post-graduate program of the HISK in Antwerp. In his videos, which are more or less static images, he investigates, through the use of his voice, a number of narratives which play on specific moments of psychological and social unease. His work refers to a particular state of mind rather than to concrete qualities of a physical space: even in an environment where risks and insecurities are flattened out to a collectively acceptable minimum, the individual psyche doesn’t manage to erase certain personal subtexts. This seems to be the underlying, almost conspiratorial, message. His work has a cooled down quasi fatalistic tone in which he registers temporary outbursts of refusal and sentiment: the result is a renewed and revitalizing calm, with controlled emotions that still reverberate long afterwards. (Bram van Damme, 2008)

Blanket Apology, Adam Leech, 2010 © the artist