Yun Tien (1983) is a Taiwanese video artist who moved to Brussels in 2014. She works primarily in the fields of photography, film and video-installation. Her video works often focus on the subject of crossing borders. Starting from her own experience, she then looks for similarities with other people’s experiences.  Yun-tien started using Taiwan and her family’s history in her work while studying film / history in Paris. Since then she has been frequently using her own personal narrative and documentary techniques. Her 2012 short film ‘This field must be filled in’ chronicles her last days of residence in France and was shown at the South Taiwan Film Festival in 2013. In her 2016 project ‘My home is on the other side’ she talks about what it is like living as a foreigner far from home. The project resulted in four different videos: ‘Grandpa’, ‘Grandfather’s ghost’, ‘My home is on the other side’, and ‘Papers’. In her current series ‘From 2012 to 2017’ she captures the way a city changes over five years and how the people change with it. After finishing her master degree at Luca School of Arts in Brussels, Yun-tien partook in the international residence project at the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei where she held a solo exhibition. Today she continues working between Belgium and Taiwan.