We are proud that Argos is presenting a program of recent and new works at the 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen with contributions from six artists in its collection and distribution. Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Eva van Tongeren, Laurent Van Lancker, Meggy Rustamova, Sandra Heremans and Yun-tien Chu are participating with highly personal and engaged video works that question our position in nowadays societies.


Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Wake me up at 4:20, 2018; 12'16"

Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s newest work is a video that uses novel imaging technologies to explore the use of avatars, identity politics and recent internet trends dealing with YouTube celebrities and suicide memes.

Eva van Tongeren, Still from afar, 2018, 18'

An audiovisual dialogue between the filmmaker and a convicted sex offender. Eva van Tongeren translates a months-long correspondence between the convicted and incarcerated pedophile Thomas and herself into an audiovisual monologue.

Laurent Van Lancker, Limbo, 2018, 10'04"

In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself, in a dark wood, where the direct way was lost. (Canto Primo, Inferno, Dante).

Meggy Rustamova, Light Displacement, 2018, 4'23"

The starting point for this film were Meggy Rustamova’s many attempts to photograph a tree in Hiroshima, Japan. Aspects of war, escapism and fear are expressed in this audiovisual trip.

Sandra Heremans, La Mazda Jaune et Sa Sainteté, 2018; 10'31"

A conceptual experiment on what it means to start a film with a black image, develops into a subtle personal essay about the filmmaker. The story of a missionary falling in love with a Rwandese girl, blends with what images and colonial history mean to their daughter.

Yun-tien Chu, My home is on the other side, 2016, 13'28"

I’m in contact with my family through the screen of my computer, even tough we are on opposite sides of the globe we share a moment together. Where is home? Here or there? I interview other people with a similar background.