In Brunelleschi’s Mirror we find ourselves in the darkness, waiting for a glimpse of the world outside. The protagonist – Bennett himself? – tells about his passion for architecture, the role of art for society and about Brunelleschi, the Italian Renaissance-architect that designed the first paintings in perspective and made abundant use of mirrors in order to give his designs a greater three-dimensional punch. In the video, it seems like the man is being abducted: in his report we hear parts about being blindfolded, about uncomfortable circumstances and we recognize a car driving around in the ambient noise. Every now and then, the image lights up; the suffocating darkness gets swapped for a bright flash of a building in ruins in a vague city. While Brunelleschi wished to make future buildings visible in his advanced drawings, Bennett tries to show flashes of future ruins of existing buildings here, developing a literally experimental camera technique. “They say that art can be a mirror, but it can be a hammer too…”