Nicolas has a twin brother who looks so much like him that nothing tells them apart. One day they decide to leave for Norway together. For the duration of the trip they amuse themselves with simple and meaningless activities like taking pictures of each other, playing chess, chattering... They cross the border and they are perfectly happy. The sudden arrival of an unknown woman will disrupt their isolation and end their idyllic experience, in a most tragic way. Here in this poetic fable Nicolas Dufrenne also mingles both photographic and animated images. It is only one of the two characters who is in motion, his perfect double remains perpetually paralysed, like an immovable reflection of the other. The landscapes are interspersed by the acted-out sketches, descendants from old postcards, genuinely everyday and impenetrable. The numerical manner that this film works through them, delivers up the tension of an always-inminent and ever approaching threat.

  • Formaat miniDV(miniDV)
  • Kleursysteem PAL
  • Kleur col.
  • Jaar 2001
  • Duur 00:14:00
  • Kunstenaars