A compilation of completely mad animation films, in the particularly characteristic low-fi style of the genius of animation Stéphane Abier. In ’Le mauvais cheval’ (’The Bad Horse’) cowboy Pic Pic tries to find gold in a river, but the horse André prefers to waterski behind the kite he made himself. The second short film, ’Pic Pic le cochon magic’ (’Pic Pic the Magic Pig’) is more colourful and frivolous. In it, we meet once more Pic Pic, who listens to a fairy tale, but a huge robot arrives and makes him lose his concentration. Fortunately, his magic powers bring solace. In the third part André cons Cowboy, which lands him in prison. Cowboy’s revenge is both sweet and absurd. In ’Dany’, the very short fourth and last part, we follow the adventures of an unfortunate potter.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project