‘Covering # 4: Lampshades’ is the fourth part in the ‘coverings’-series of Luc Compernol. In part one the term ‘covering’ stood for ‘covering a song’ (more precisely ‘Lovin’ you’ by Minnie Riperton). From the second part on, ‘covering’ was broadened to one of its other meanings, namely observing, watching closely. This video wants to paint a picture of the people who work in the neighbourhood of the Vaartkom (the Canal-basin) in Leuven. This was the location of the ‘Ithaka 2002’ exhibition event, for which the work was originally created. A lamp and a piece of music are the only constants. Through both these elements the various personalities are brought to life on-screen. Zapping, or flipping channels, from room to room, Compernol toys with the curiosity of the spectator. What do we get to see now, which lamp, what piece of music? The lamp and the piece of music are performing as allies, as material and spiritual representations of personal taste.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project