"Even as the text instructs us otherwise, it is impossible not to read We’s two images - that is, to respond to their symbolic quality, their suggestiveness. In a stream of associations, the rhythmic flow of people on the left becomes an ejaculation while the rhythmic hand on the right marks detachment, self-centeredness. Simultaneously, we may say to ourselves, "Yes, it is only a crowd of anonymous people. It is only a penis."
But even as we attempt to discipline our interpretative urges, the hermeneutic created by this simple juxtaposition is driving us crazy with questions: Who is he? Why is he alone? Does he have a lover...? Does everyone in this crowd masturbate? Do they seek isolation from the mass? Are they aware of one another? Are they relational in less-populated situations? Why was this private image made public? Why is this image private...? Chris Straayer, Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies, Sexual Orientation in Film and Video, Columbia University Press, 1996

A short, graphically dynamic work contrasting contradictory views of perception and interpretation, by way of society’s assumptions vis a vis phallocentrism and fetishism." (https://www.shellysilver.com)

  • Jaar 1990
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