Inside of you, beer gets transformed and it transforms you on its turn. It creates tiny utopian ideas, all night long. In a way, it also typifies the strange relations you’ve got with things, with the world around you: you drink it without really knowing what’s inside it and what it is. ’Esprit de bière’ is a kind of attempt on an archaeological liquid. It makes its own investigation around this golden drink, as a police officer would do around some trivial event. Beer is first analysed as a matter (real, chemical, physical,…). Then its own cycle will be carefully studied. The Cycles remind us that even beer can be a matter to think about.

  • Format Digital Betacam(Digital Betacam)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 2000
  • Duration 00:52:00
  • Languageinfo
    Subtitles: French, English UK
    Spoken: Italian, French
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