Example of a “film-poème de travail” realised in the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne. A “work poem” (poème de travail) is (about) a moment in the life of the work. Usually the following happens: while holding the camera (and filming) with one hand I do something else with my other hand, e.g. counting boxes. By doing so I experience the course of time (its hesitations, and contradictions) very closely. Nothing is thrown away since I am more and more convinced that when I film a certain moment of life, this present will only be exposed in the future. Hence this strange and contradictory feeling of living very consciously on the one hand and on the other hand living subconsciously in a very near past between present and future. In ‘Table Table’ the first moments of an exhibition being mounted are shown: starting from scratch, and from the floor, it exposes the sheer amount of possibilities: from one over two, to a multitude of possibilities. (Joëlle Tuerlinckx)