The five videos of Hommage à … deal with the same theme as repetition-in-difference, as a continual tracing and retracing, of the figure fold and unfold in the visual field.

Hommage à ... I sets the scene. A stationary camera focuses on a divan bed in a minimally interior. The bed occupies the upper half of the screen, a length of floor, the lower. We see a woman, the artist herself, lying on a bed and then before a bed. She moves around on impulse at intervals in real time. She uses her legs, arms, bust, thighs and hips to trace lines on the sheets, giving way to a haptic sensation of space (idea of sculpture). Everything is centred on the concept of self-observation and an exploration of the body. The fragile transition from body to independent object, from the voluptuousness of the body to the elliptical line drawing, is one of the experiences carried out in the Hommage à … series.