Possibly the last interview of the media philosopher Vilém Flusser’s life to the crew of Hungarian television’s FRIZ-productions. His achievements gained international prominence in the late 1970’s. His approach to the theory of mechanical images broke with all earlier approaches. He saw in these images the first examples of the post-historical era. According to Flusser’s theory the historical era of linear thought, started by the invention of writing, and developed in order to expunge images, is replaced in our day by the scene-like post-historical era, characterized by incorporeal information produced and combined by computer. Flusser’s work and this interview establish that the present situation is not accidental, not the product of a ’magic oven’, but rather a natural stage in the evolution of human culture.

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  • Format Videotape(Videotape (on reel))
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 1992
  • Duration 00:45:00
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    ???work.DUB???: Hungarian
    Spoken: English UK
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