’…unseen by the gardener’ was made for the exhibition of Tempered Ground at the Museum of Garden History in London and recorded in the gardens surrounding this museum, located in a medieval church. This spot, also still containing a burial ground, reminds of Hitchcock’s film ’Vertigo’ about a man, so overtaken by the death of his loved one, that he would do anything to shape another woman after her image. In ’…unseen by the gardener’ scraps from the lines in ’Vertigo’ are combined with a recipe for fig jam and whispered by two female voices. Meanwhile the image becomes almost supernaturally fairy-like because of the enchanting appearances of the Martin sisters. Similarly to more of their works they play with similarities – their clothes and hair are almost identical – and they duplicate themselves by applying photographical techniques to video. In the film we follow in the footsteps of the two sisters through the garden, past the church and the graveyard up to the top of the age-old church tower, recorded in their specific aesthetical, stylized and almost choreographic style, accentuated by the multiple use of slow-motion in the editing.