Trois Quarts Temps’ (‘Three Quarter Time’) is a film about a choreography by Laurent Pichaud, ‘référentiel bondissant, pièce pour gymnase et gradins’, which is a work-specific site designed to be performed in type C gymnasiums. It attempts to document this work and its relationship with the places where it is performed, through three recordings made in three different gyms. The show is built on a series of protocols developed through collective improvisation. The repetition of these processes from one performance to another made it possible to film the same types of actions in three different gymnasiums. The split screen editing of the three recordings, and the comparison of variations from location to location, create a fake ‘real time’ which opens up a new space for the performance, and ultimately becomes a different piece, specific to the film. In this film, which is edited using only cuts, triptych-like pictures emerge from time to time, are briefly imprinted on the eye of the viewer, then dissolve back into action. This is both a documentary film, a comprehensive and searchable archive of the piece, and also a film/art object designed to be exhibited, offered to the gaze of the viewer for a varying period of time, depending on the viewer’s attachment to it.

  • Formaat miniDV(miniDV)
  • Kleursysteem PAL
  • Kleur col.
  • Jaar 2010
  • Duur 01:04:00
  • Kunstenaars